Monday, November 7, 2011

How to buy a boat in Sarasota Florida

It really isn't that hard. First thing you do is research what kind of boating life you want (live-aboard, coastal cruising, Great Loop, done over 6 years), find a good crew (Lisa), research what kind of boat you want to have (single engine diesel trawler), find the boat online (36 foot Chien Wha Sundeck Trawler located in Sarasota Florida) and GO!

During my search I literally looked at at least 100 different boats of most configurations. Ours is a boat built in Taiwan by the Chien Wha Shipyards. The main features that I was looking for were it to have a single inboard diesel engine, have a center berth main cabin (that means that the bed is centered in the cabin rather than offset to either the port or starboard side of the boat), that there is plenty of deckspace for enjoyment and that it not be a "handy-man special". I first found this boat, named "Dunwurkin", about two months ago.

Heading to Sarasota

We left St. Louis about 5 am on the first of November 2011. It was a clear crisp mornin and we quickly made our way out of St. Louis south on Interstate 55. Once we got past Sikeston the highway opened up infront of us fast and smooth. There was a segment that I had the RX-8 cranked up to 115 mph. When we got to Mississippi I knew that we were going to be able to open her up but I did not think that Missouri would be so fast.

Interstate 55 runs south directly from Memphis TN and in a few miles south of Graceland we entered Mississippi and almost instantly every driver on the road pushed their pedals down hard and we were flying. Cruise control at 80 to 85 mph. Sweet. The weather was absolutely wonderful and the RX-8 handled the speed and the highway wonderfully. Lisa and I had a blast. We'd listen to some music sometimes but most of the time we would talk and laugh. Wonderful. When we got down to Jackson Mississippi we cut southeast to Hattiesburg MS, then on to Mobile for the night.

The next morning we blasted of east on I-10 and were once again in the fast track perpetually pushing it at 80 mph. There was a point that we were following a lady in a 5 series BMW. We trailed here for 30 miles or so. At one point she pulled over to a rest stop. We followed here. We introduced ourselves to her. She was on her way all the way to Jacksonville. She told us that going 80 was normal in that everyone, including the police, accepted the fact that there were great distances between waypoints on the intersate and that 70 mph was waaaaay too slow.

and more about Sarasota in the next post.

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