Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving in Florida, and, The Plot Thickens!

Thanksgiving in Florida has been, to say the least, different. We started the day by going to a movie theater and seeing the new Muppet Movie. Very funny, four stars. It was interesting that while there certainly a load of youngsters there there was also a bevy of middle age folks there like us. Then instead of the normal turkey dinner we had Chinese. Quite good chinese food too. Then, as we hopped onto the interstate and headed into the heart of Tampa itself. We hadn't made it up into Tampa yet as we have been south of there so far. The highlight of the drive was making our way over to Treasure Island in St. Petersburg where we easily found the Bilmar Hotel Resort. It was at this same hotel that my family vacationed three years probably 45 or so years ago. It was in great shape and it was fun finding it.

The Plot Thickens - before we headed up to our new hotel in Ruskin Florida we made an offer on a different boat, The No Hurry, a 36ft Albin trawler. From what we, along with are able broker Captain Charlie Pendergrass, differently from the Dunwurkin, the machanics at least appear to be much better off, and the trim and accouterments will need more attention. Low and behold Charlie sent us a text message today that the offer had been accepted. Yay!

Today (Friday) we are going to go and check out some of the marinas in the area for an appropriate haul out for the survey, hopefully in the early part of this coming week.

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