Friday, December 9, 2011

MIssion Accomplished

It's Friday morning December 9, 2011 and we are sitting on our balcony of the Beachcomber Hotel in Pompano Beach FL. The skys are overcast as a front moves in from the east. We just watched a very large container ship under steam glide past us from the north to the south: probably going to Miami from some port up east, not too very much offshore, we could see the details of the superstructure and containers very clearly. A yacht, probably a 100 footer just past us going south also.

We have completed the purchase of Why Knot. All that is left to do is wire the money from the bank in St. Louis Monday morning. Easy. We have dropped off some of our stuff onto the boat yesterday which was a great relief to the Mazda's suspension. This will be our last morning in Pompano Beach and we will be travelling much lighter going back then we did coming down to Florida 39 days ago. From here we are travelling to Jacksonville FL to pop in this afternoon to see a Great Harbour 47 trawler which is actually the boat that we want to end up with a few years down the road. Tomorrow we will travel to Nashville (most likely), and then make it in to STL on Sunday. (I understand the weather there kind of sucks. Dang.)

We will be returning here in a few weeks to actually take possession of the boat. The sellers, Gerry and Siste Sheppard have been very kind and accomadating to us. Since the survey (which went well) we have spent the better part of two days going over all of the systems of Why Knot such as the engine, generator, electrical and plumbing. I have learned how to perform all of the routine maintenance such as the oil changes that are needed every 200 hours for the main engine and 100 hours for the generator, keeping the electrical system in check, cleaning, the electronics. Jerry and I have spent a good amount of time in the engine compartmet and I feel confident that I am up to the challenge. I do have few lingering questions about the electrical system that Jerry was not able to provide solid info on. I will get those answered when we get back here. Lisa has spent alot of time with Siste and while I know (and fully expect) that she wants to be involved with more than just the "domestic" or "first mate" kind of things she took in all of the info that Siste offered up. Lisa and I have always worked very well together so we will together grow well with Why Knot. As to the Sheppards generosity the boat is still tied up at their residential dock (free!), they will keep a close watch on her while we are gone and have kindly offered to let us linger there a few days when we return. We are anxious to get on with our adventure but not so stupid or naive to turn down as much education as we can get.

All is well. Our mission started 39 days ago is complete. We have had a wonderful time down here and we are very happy with Why Knot and are looking forward to many wonderful miles on her. But for now it is time to return home to St. Louis for the holidays, take care of some business and to get ready to return here most likely right after New Years day.

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