Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! This is the week!

All of the preparation work has reached an end, at least here in St. Louis. All of the boxes have been shipped. All of the records that we need to bring with us to be able to continue on with some of our work have been digitized or downloaded into our computers. Both of us are even already packed. I am wearing my "cloths-that-are-staying-here-anyway-so-I'll-just-wear-them-til-the-day-we-leave" cloths. What we have left to do isn't really prep work, but is more along the lines of things that we could do to get a jump on some of the things we have to do in the near future. As I have said before Lisa is an accountant and much of the work that we do together will be, well, accounting. I am going to keep a digital ship's log as an Excel spreadsheet, and I will be glad to make it available to anyone to peruse in the future via email. I could make it always available on the blog or my +Google site as a Google doc but I don't want to have accessing it dependent on internet connectivity. Our only scheduled obligation is to have dinner with my sons on Tuesday evening.

While we were lingering at the kitchen table after lunch today we both had a noticeable moment of silence that we shared that was commonly filled with the same thought: We're ready! So on this Thursday morning, Jan. 5th 2012 we will be picked up by a taxi to take us to the airport for a 7:20am flight to Fort Lauderdale (via Atlanta). Upon arrival in Fort Lauderdale we pick up our rental car (for there is much running around to do) and head straight to the boat. There will be days of unpacking and stowing, inventory, provisioning and sea trials to learn more about our new watery home before we finally set out from Pompano Beach onto the Great Loop scheduled for Monday January 9th.

A dream is actually coming true. I do not think that many people can say that.

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Craig A said...

I'm happy to be your new friend and neighbor Darrell
Every good voyage in life depends on good points of anchorage.
I promise to be one of those anchors here at home, keeping an eye on your place and following your adventures as they unfold online.