Friday, January 13, 2012

On Up to North Palm Beach, North Lake Worth

We left Boynton Beach without any problems and headed north on the ICW. Our destination was our first anchorage in North Lake Worth at the very north end of Lake Worth. Here is a map link,-80.041924&spn=0.166304,0.338173

For the most part we were in Lake Worth the entire day and the channel for the ICW is very narrow with depths shallowing up very quickly if you venture to either the east or west. One of the nice features of Why Knot is that she does not draft very deep, only from three to 3.5 feet deep. But the channel is the place to be.

Going through West Palm Beach was an interesting enough experience. The channel runs right through the heart of it all and there are lots of other boats, commercial vessels, barges and even a cruise liner. As you go through this downtown area we cruised right under the landing path of the airport. I was surprised at the amount of air traffic coming in.

We found our way to North Lake Worth. This was going to be our first anchorage of the trip. It was crowded but not packed. We found our spot, dropped anchor and the drama was over. Why Knot has 200 feet of chain for it's anchor rode and line, instead of chain rode and rope line. Lisa let out about 40 feet of chain in 7 foot low tide waters. We could have perhaps let out a bit more but the weight of the chain itself adds anchoring, in addition to the plow anchor. We rowed to shore on our dinghly, now called "What Knot", to a West Marine for parts and to a Publix store for food.

There are two unfortunate things to report. First the battery situation...the rewiring that we had done back in Boynton has revealed that perhaps one of the two portside house batteries may be failing OR was improperly wired by the electrician we hired. It has plenty of juice but it is only putting out 5 volts instead of 12. I am not happy about this. The starter batteries are segregated by an off switch and are at 12.2 volts. The second unfortunate things is that I think we were boarded by thieves last night while we were sleeping. This has been reported in the past according to the Skipper Bob's Anchorage guide. I have this suspicion because when I woke up this morning and did my quick deck walk-around the starboard side rail "gate" (a strong cable with a very manual and unphased clasp that covers the rail entry and exit point) was open and hanging down. We did not undo this as when we rowed to shore yesterday we excited from the stern.

On 1/13 we continue north through Jupiter.


Cobalt 26 said...

Darrell don't forget pictures, you only get one chance.


Craig A said...

Sorry to hear about the boarding situation. It never occurred to me that someone would violate your anchored ship. Was anything missing?
They sell "fake" small outdoor cameras that take a nine volt battery that gives the "appearance" that you have a live security camera for around $15 Just a thought. You just missed our first St Louis snow storm with wind chills below zero!
Happy boating!