Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On Up to Palm Coast

We keep moving north!
When we cast off from our mooring in Titusville Marina we first made a quick pit stop at the actual dock of the marina itself to pump out and take on water. Matt, the dock hand was very talkative and pleasant. He helped us with a little history of Why Knot itself. Why Knot was made by the Nelson boat company of Titusville on the molds and designs originated and originally built by Thompson boat company. Thompson built 50 boats, then apparently wanted to get out of the business so he sold everything to Nelson who built somewhere fifteen to twenty five more. From our mooring position the marina was almost directly to our west. To the north of the marina was a large marine enclosed faciltiy. There was another directly to the south. It turns out that Thompson was in the north facility and Nelson was in the south facility. So as we sat in our mooring the entire build legacy of Why Knot was laid out right before us.
As we pulled on into the channel and turned north we had become accustomed to the prevailing weather conditions. Sunny to partly cloudy, calm in the morning with winds of 5 to 15 knots in the afternoon and high temperatures in the mid seventies. All is well. So much so that there isn't anything noteworthy to point out about the cruise on up to our next marina at Inlet Harbor in New Smyrna Beach, nor up to our current location in Palm Coast Marina. The boat is running fine and Lisa and I are feeling much more at home in her as we become more accustomed to it's foibles, needs, tendencies and oddities. For instance, one thing we have learned is that when casting off from a facing dock our stern line needs to be the last line to be cast off instead of the spring or bow lines. This is because the stern really tends to swing away from docks very easily. I think this is partly because of the construction of the canopy frame on and around the aft sundeck. It is very large with quite a bit of canvas to catch even the slightest puff of air. So, as we pull away from our dock here in Palm Coast Marina, and we have to make a tight pitch around starboard to head out of the channel, and we are at tight quarters with another boat immediately to our aft, my inclination will be to move our current stern line from an aft position on the dock forward a bit tighter to act as a stopping spring line to the rear, cast off the other spring lines, then the bow line, give a quick burst forward with a hard right rudder to move forward and start a pivot to the starboard, then cast off the stern line.

There is one sightseeing thing I want to mention. Going up to Titusville, through Titusville and on up north there is one landmark that, frankly, I was amazed at. That's the Vehicle Assembly Building at Cape Kennedy. IT IS HUGE!!!! and was easily visible to the east of the ICW for the better part of two days of cruising. It got me to think of the history created in that area with all of the space launches from the programs earliest days on up to the recent conclusion of the Space Shuttle program. As a lad I was very much into the space program. I felt an impact just being in the area.

Our leg today is a short one, just under 30 miles, as we cruise up to Saint Augustine Municipal Marina. The on Thursday we about 40 miles to get to our final destination of this leg, Dames Island Marina in Jacksonville, FL.