Friday, January 20, 2012

Out of Vero Beach on up to Eau Gallie,-80.57476&spn=0.164358,0.338173

The battery and electrical issues are solved! We called in a local marine electrician on Wednesday the 18thand I am 99.9% sure that he got it right. First of all one of batteries was shot. One of the first things I read about boat battery systems is that you shouldn't mix battery types. We had one wet cell and three AGM batteries, and the wet cell was kaput. So task one was to replace that battery with a new AGM 8D battery. There was not one locally in Vero Beach but there was one down at the West Marine location in St. Lucie, back down south of Vero a bit. The electrician and his helper went down there to get it and returned a short time later. They switched it out and Voila! Why Knot's electrical problems vanished. Also he was better able to reset the switches for the batteries to a much more functional and sensible set up. This is a great relief to me.

On Thursday 1/19 we pulled out of Vero Beach and headed north on the ICW. The winds were coming straight out of the north at 10 to 15 knots. We had a 37 mile leg to go. We do a pretty good job of charting out several days cruises and we always select a primary and a secondary anchorage. For the end of this leg we had three different locations in mind. Our primary site was the north and west side of the Eau Gallie overpass in Eau Gallie, FL. Our secondary was to drop back 5 miles to same side of the Melbourne Overpass. There was a third location in the Dragon Point River area on the east and north side of the Eau Gallie overpass area. We passed under the overpass and quickly assessed that the primary location would be fine but as the winds were still whipping up but they were to die down after the sun went down. I decided to go check out the Dragon Point anchorage in favor of it's more sheltered locale. We made our way over there and immediately turned around because it is so narrow and very crowded. With the wind levels the way they were we would have had to let out a lot of anchor chain to account for any swing that might occur. We then went back to the primary location and dropped anchor with 70 feet of chain. While were at Vero Beach I took the opportunity to take out the chain onto the deck and spray painted a spot every ten feet (up to 100 feet) with some florescent orange spray paint I noted in my inventory down in the storage compartment. This will make a lot easier for Lisa to let out anchor then counting hand over hand as the chain goes out.

The route up to Eau Gallie was very wide in some places with plenty of depth to very narrow and turn-y.

We will be heading out again today. Weather conditions are to be much better. Sunny, much warmer with less wind. We will be at anchor again tonight.