Sunday, January 22, 2012


We left the anchorage at Eau Gallie at 9:45am with no hassle and it promised to be a good boating day. The weather forecast was for southeastern winds at 5 to 10 knots, very sunny with a high of 80 degrees. 9:45am is kind of a late start time for us but we were figuring that this was going to be a relatively short day of only 30 miles. It turns out we were a bit wrong on that. There were two delays.
First, just south Eau Gallie we actually had to perform a rescue mission of sorts. As we were cruising up the ICW there was a couple of young people on a jet ski hot dogging it pretty fast to our east. I even joked what would we have to do if something happened to them. I noticed as they were now up ahead of them that they were either dead in the water or were sputtering pretty badly. We powered down and they indeed were having engine problems. They were able to propel themselves with something like and idle speed and were able to get to us, but were a long way from a public ramp on the west side of the lake up ahead about a half of mile. We got them onto our boat and gave the jet skie a tow to a point close to the ramp where they were able to go the rest of the way on their own power. Our good deed for the day.
The second thing that lengthened our day was that our primary anchorage was totally unacceptable. It was on the south and east side of the NASA Causeway Bridge and we knew we would have to sound our way into it. The charts we have were showing 7 foot depths but the actually nowhere close to that. I doubled back and we headed on up looking for someplace else. We travelled another 7 miles up to the Titusville City Marina where that have a very very large mooring field. I believe that having something like 200 mooring sites and there were only about a dozen or so boats already there. We took our pick and settled in for the night.
One interesting scenery note is that much of this day’s leg was just to the west of the Cape Kennedy. The huge Vehicle Assembly Building was visible for several hours. As a matter of fact it is now even clearly seen off our port bow windows.
Update… It is Sunday morning 1/22. We spent a while yesterday planning out cruise up north to Jacksonville which is a major stopping point for us. We have to return to St. Louis, then to Denver, for about three weeks as we have to get some business and personal things done. Our objective is to be at a marina in Jacksonville on the 26th. There is some maintenance to be done and then we fly back to STL on 1/30. We will be returning to JAX on 2/14. We will leave Titusville on Monday morning 1/23. Planning the cruise has not been without some challenges as there are long stretches that anchorages are either positioned in awkward places slowing down our progress or are non-existent for long stretches. So it appears we are going to be at transient marinas Monday through Wednesday night, and arriving at Dames Point Marina on 1/26 where Why Knot will stay while we are back home. But for today we are still moored at Titusville.