Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday - Called on Account of Rain

Let me describe our morning routine. We usually wake up around 5:00 am, go in to the galley and make coffee and then crank up our computers and sit and surf for a couple of hours. Breakfast usually gets squeezed in there somewhere but otherwise we read, share and otherwise find out what's happening in the world. Now the size of our world has gotten fairly confined to subjects having to do with out boating life. We make sure we hit the weather sites (Weatherunderground and NOAA), the forum of the American Great Loop Cruisers Association and, of course as we are in warm and sunny Florida we hit and specifically You see, we're puck heads, and the St. Louis Blues are at the top of the league and as of this date it has gotten down to the last few games and the Blues are in serious contention for the very top ranked spot in the entire NHL. It's very exciting. But I have gotten on a tangent.

As mentioned we really do go to the weather sites first and foremost and the news about conditions in Jacksonville for today were not so good. The prediction was for two waves of thunderstorms to blow through today, one starting mid morning and lasting till mid afternoon and another starting sometime in the evening. And for today the diviners at the National Weather Service got it right. The first wave rolled in about 10:00 am which pretty much cancelled our days work schedule as those tasks we have left to do are things such as washing the boat, changing out our old lines for new ones and the like. So we declared today an official day off. So what do we do on a day off where we are pretty much confined to the inside of Why Knot? Why, we watch several episodes of Doctor Who on DVD, of course. (If you don't know what Doctor Who is...Google it. If I tried to explain it you would think I'd lost my mind. Trust me.) Our salon has a futon couch in it and when it is pulled out it makes the perfect lounging area to watch our TV.

At the moment it is 4:36pm and the second wave of storms have arrived. The western skies are very dark and kind of scary. And as I am typing this I can hear the heavy raindrops falling on the fiberglass and the overhead hatch of the galley. The raindrops are heavier than this morning's continuous showers, the lightening is closer and louder and I would bet the winds will be a bit more than earlier also. My biggest hope is that they clear out of here soon. You see, the Blues hockey game will be on the TV at the marina's tiki bar tonight. Game on!