Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sorry for the gap

Hi there and let me say at the outset SORRY FOR NOT POSTING IN A WHILE. The simple truth is that we have not been on or even near Why Knot since early February. More to the point we are far away from sea level...5280 feet from sea Denver, CO. If you remember our plans were to return to St. Louis and Denver so that Lisa could take care of some biz for a few weeks, then we go back to the boat for a month, then back to St. Louis and Denver to finish up the biz, then back to the boat for an extended cruise in the spring and summer, on into the fall. A couple of things happened to that plan. First, Lisa had to take care of the accounting for her family's dealings here in Denver. That got more involved than anticipated. Next, as we thought about it that flying back and fourth at this time of year started to not make as much sense to us as before. So we made the decision to stay put and get everything done in one fell swoop. We now will be able to close the hatch on all of our business dealings very soon. Our flight reservations for the return trip to Florida are on March 27th.