Thursday, September 27, 2012

Loopers In Port

So what do loopers do while they are in port?

As of this writing, Thursday September 27, we have now been here one week and we have both been working on our extensive todo lists. Lisa's has pretty much been all about taking care of our personal finances and 'business-y' kind of things with a few exceptions. My tasks have been mostly about the boat from maintenance issues to some paperwork. We're still dealing with getting the boat registered in the State of Missouri having had several back and forth exchanges with the Missouri Department of Revenue. The most recent exchange with them is that we are lacking the title abstract from the Coast Guard so I trying to get hold of them to get one of those. We both have had doctors appointments. Nothing to be concerned about...sort of routine maintenance for us. One pain in the neck challenge has been that my trusty old Ford Focus won't start. We also got the full inventory of filters and such for me to do a full routine maintenance procedure.

One very good thing is that I have switched phone vendors. As you may remember I have been very vocal about my dissatisfaction with T-Mobile. Well, even arriving back in St. Louis, a major metropolitan area, the coverage still stunk. It actually has regressed from when we were here back in the winter. So enough was enough. Even while paying a cancellation penalty I have switched over to Verizon. And when selecting my new smartphone I totally nerded out. I now have a LG Intuition pad phone. It is so cool it makes me vibrate.

This coming Saturday if the weather holds we will be taking Bryan and Kevin on a day cruise. My plans are to head back up the Illinois River to Mel's Illinois Riverdock Restaurant in Hardin.That'll be fun.