Friday, October 12, 2012

Chores, Chores, Chores!

I dropped Lisa off at the airport on Tuesday afternoon and headed out to the boat for a few days. While she’s gone I am going to dive head-first into the list of things to do on the boat. Things such as, taking the 200 foot anchor rode, clean it and repaint the 10 foot markers, and while the chain is out drying take the windlass apart again to touch up the lube job I did on it over Labor Day weekend in St. Joseph, Michigan. I did it right the first time but I was concerned that I didn’t put enough grease on. Then there are some cleaning chores to be done such as taking our three electric fans apart and cleaning up all the gunk that had accumulated on the fan blades and mesh cages. Yuk. I also had to trim the caulking I applied to some of the windows that were letting too much water into our cabin when it rained particularly hard. Then there is the routine engine maintenance to be done. Then there is the bent rail to be straightened, and of course the 32 inches of toe rail to be replaced, and many other smaller tasks. All in all jolly good fun.

Things here at Port Charles Harbor are aok. The only concern about our location is that the level of the Alton Pool of the Mississippi River is dropping. According to a gauge at the marina the water level is a touch below fifteen feet which for the pool is fine but not so for the slough that has to be passed through to get to the channel. My biggest concern is that the lower water in the pool means that the already shallow entrance channel into the marina is getting more so. What if when it’s time to leave around the first of November we can’t even get out of the marina? Wouldn’t that be just terrific? We’ll have to wait and see.

But the weather is terrific with sunny skies and moderate temperatures. Things are fine.