Sunday, October 7, 2012

I’m Jealous. OK?

I admit it. I am very jealous of all of our fellow loopers. I keep up on reading all of the AGLCA forum posts from all of them as they tell their stories about heading down the Mississippi River to the inland waters of Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and all of the great places we wish we could share with them. I also trade emails with boating buddies of ours, especially Ross and Laura of The Zone. And here we sit in our home in St. Louis. Oh, we’ll get there come November but it’s not the same as being there when everyone else is there.


One little side note, just for fun I checked the weather in Holland, MI and the forecast for the next several days is for gale force winds with nine to ten foot waves on shore! Yikes!

So what have we been doing? Actually we’ve been very busy. There’s been a lot of important things to do mostly in the areas of our personal business. Our daily schedule is kind of the same as when we are on board Why Knot. We wake up about 4:30 am or 5:00 ish and sit down at our computers and plod through our long check lists of important tasks. Lisa is mostly taking care of the biz side of things, I the boat-ey things. Lisa is heading off to Denver next Tuesday (Oct. 9) for a week to attend to some things for her family.

While she is gone I will get to the things that I need to on board. There is routine maintenance to do but also some bigger things such as replacing about three feet of deck toe rail that got yanked off in a lock. I’m not the greatest carpenter in the world (read: I suck at it) so this will be a challenge. I think the problem is that I sometimes lack patience and I want things to move more quickly which is when I start messing things up. I have gotten use to reciting a mantra to myself of “Slow down, Darrell. Slow down.” There is also routine engine maintenance to do. A week ago I was able to pull an oil sample to be analyzed by Caterpillar. I received the report back with the joyously received notation of “No action required”.  Good news.

As I said things on land are somewhat similar to life on board such as we do not have access to cable or broadcast TV. So we fill our evenings watching movies and TV shows on DVD. Some of the titles we have watched are “Crocodile Dundee II” (Which is my favorite ‘guilty pleasure’ movie. It’s so bad its good.), and lots of Shakespeare such as “Much Ado About Nothing”, Richard III, Henry V, Wally IX and Fred XII (Ok, I made that last one up.) We have also watched all 127 installments of the “Harry Potter” franchise. I surprised myself by liking them as much as I did. (And if I can make a movie recommendation to you all find a copy of “They Were Expendable” starring Robert Montgomery and John Wayne, directed by John Ford. It is my number one favorite movie of all time. It is about PT Boats in the early stages of World War II in the Philippines. Great movie. I have watched it a dozen times or more.)

Things here is St. Louis have been all a-buzz with the Cardinals getting into the one game wild card playoff against the Atlanta Braves. (And to all of our friends in Atlanta…tough noogies.)