Monday, October 22, 2012

The AGLCA Rendezvous - Day 1

The fall rendezvous of the AGLCA got underway on Monday, 10/21/2012 in a great fashion. Registration took place at the Lodge at Joe Wheeler State Park in Rogersville, AL under clear warm skies. After picking up my swag from the registration desk I mozied around to all of the exhibitors spending a few minutes with each. The weather is spectacular. The high temperatures will be in the 80s with it being bright and sunny. Terrific.

It was then time for the introductions of all of the loopers in progress. We all took our short turn to say who we are, a bit about out boat, where we are in our loop and a short story. Some of them were very funny and a few were a bit chilling  such as the one looper telling the story how his boat was stolen from a public dock. The thieves were apprehended in less then 30 minutes as they didn't know what to do to get past a drawbridge. After dinner the gold loopers (those who have already completed the loop) made their introductions.

Monday will start the full schedule of events and seminars. I will be attending the talks "Tenn Tom to Mobile", "Mobile to Tarpon Springs" and "The Gulf or the Big Bend". There will be Looper crawls prior to dinner the and introductions of newbie Loopers. The weather is calling sunny skies with a high temperature of 81 degress. Perfect.

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