Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Rainey Day in Demopolis…A Least Today (Tuesday, 11/27/2012)

Our stay in Demopolis has been a pleasant one so far. We arrived on Saturday. Sunday was a beautiful day devoted to chilling out on the boat. Sunday was a work day. We both had short lists to tackle. Mine included replacing the anchor we lost in the Tombigbee Oxbow. Fortunately we have two extra anchors and after buying a couple of shackles at the marina chandlery I got the job done in about an hour. While at the marina’s service department I arranged for a technician to come by the boat and take a look at a short list of what I thought would be easy service issues. Most were small and taken care of quickly. There was one item though that I kind of thought would be a bit more of a problem. Beneath the engine is an area between the two long length-wise stringers that lead to the bilge. On the floor of this area I lay large absorbent pads to absorb any drippings from the engine. After cruising with the most recent clean pads I noticed that there was blotch of oil about the size of a football on the port side of the engine near the front. The rest of the pad was clean. Hmm. There is a leak somewhere but it didn’t seem to be a big leak. But, as with the sea water pump a week or two ago, leaks never get smaller so I had the technician trouble shoot this for me.

After a few minutes he called me down to the engine compartment when the engine was running. Sure enough there was a leak that was only leaking under power directly over the aforementioned oily blotch. This has to get fixed. On the down side the parts, most likely just the gaskets, have to be ordered and will not be here until Wednesday, Nov. 28, our original departure day. The service will most likely be done on Thursday which will push our departure to Friday. That’s a bummer but it could be a lot worse. Fortunately the engine component that needs the new gaskets is smack dab on the side of the engine, easily accessible for the technician to do the work. So it could be a lot worse.

Weather wise as per the forecast from the NWS it started raining yesterday afternoon, over the night and it continues today. Its suppose to stop right around sunset and tomorrow is suppose to usher in another week or so of good cruising weather. Hopefully the service work will get done as planned and we will scoot out of here on Friday. 

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Joy Holzworth said...

Darrell and Lisa sorry to hear about the delay with your oil leak. Bill and I are still in Dog River also waiting on parts for our engine but its coming along ok. We were delayed by Thanksgiving. However, we are getting lots of cleaning, learning canasta, visiting other loopers who are still here at Dog River. FYI Dog River folks are great! I hear that Laura and Ross (THE ZONE) are in Fairhope. It is a must stop its like one of those places where a person could someday retire. SO fun! Any way the ZONE is still up on the beach. Our parts should be in today and hopefully we can get underway by Friday. Looking forward to meeting you guys soon. Joy on Proud Lady.