Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blind Willie Waypoint

Looping ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for blues recording artist Blind Willie Waypoint!

(using the standard blues riff of five eighth notes in ¾ time)
Wa wa wa wa wa
Woke up this morning,
Wa wa wa wa wa
Wanna go to Carrabelle
Wa wa wa wa wa
But its really kinda blowin’
Wa wa wa wa wa
Is this looper hell?

Wa wa wa wa wa
Boat’s pinned against the dock
Wa wa wa wa wa
So wada we gotta lose
Wa wa wa wa wa
Stuck here one more day
Wa wa wa wa wa
I got the Apalachicola marina blues!!!

At this point the band goes into a hard core blues chorus and Blind Willie rips some nasty blues riffs.

Like I said, I have way too much free time on my hands.

Today is December, 29th and we are still in Apalachicola. As predicted a storm system blew through here overnight. Supposedly today was going to be a good cruising day for us to go to Carrabelle, but alas it turns out to be rather windy and blowing from the NW, N or NE which means, as our boats are on a facing dock pointing slightly to the southeast and the current on Scipio Creek is moving pretty smartly, all three of us are pretty much pinned to the docks or are in precarious positions to get off of the dock without the current being a real pain. Tomorrow’s conditions are supposed to be much better. Besides there is very little hustle to get to Carrabelle to set up for a gulf crossing window of opportunity. All weather predictions are pretty much the same. There won’t be one for awhile. Wave heights seem to be stuck in the four to six foot range and that ain’t no place for us.

The choice to wait out the time here in Apalachicola or in Carrabelle is a toss up. Both marinas are $1.50 a foot. The marina here in Apalachicola is a bit rugged but the town is nice. The marina in Carrabelle is reported to be uber-nice but the town of Carrabelle is pretty much a big nothing. Technically we could do the crossing from here. That would add about fifteen miles to it. We’ll see.

The town of Apalachicola is actually pretty nice. There are numerous shops and restaurants. One of particularly high fun quotient is a genuine soda fountain with a counter and milks shakes and the whole bit. Quaint and fun! Of note to any loopers out there who know what all of these little tourist towns are like, there are no fudge stores.

So we wait.

I gotta get back to channeling Blind Willie Waypoint and lay down some groovy hard blues riffs.

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