Sunday, January 20, 2013

And Then There Was One



For the last week we have been fortunate to be part of a great group of fellow loopers. Catmandu, Next To Me, Sea N Red, Proud Lady, The Zone and us. It has been a lot of fun. But everyone has to move on sometime and Saturday, January 19 was that day. Catmandu, Next To Me, Sea N Red and Proud Lady all cast off their lines and made their way to other locations to the south of Tarpon Springs. (Ross and Laura left on Sunday by car for the east coast of Florida.) But we didn’t let our last night together be a bore. Oh no. Not while Lisa and I have an opportunity to add some excitement to things. What we needed was a great big last blast. And nothing says that like a barbecue…and a trivia contest.

What are the ingredients for a barbecue? Meat? Check. Side dishes? Check. Lots of fun people? Check. Barbecue grill?..........I said Barbecue Grill? Uh oh. A couple of the boats had little gas grills but we needed something a bit more robust.

Turtle Cove marina rocks! I called the office to see if there was a barbecue grill anywhere on the grounds. The young lady at the office said that she would have to check with the management to see what was available. No problem with that. A few minutes later she called back and said that there was not BUT THEY WOULD GO OUT AND BUY ONE FOR US TO USE! And a few hours later there it was, a brand new Weber Kettle barbecue pit already filled with Kingston charcoal and a bottle of lighter fluid on the ground next to it. Barbecue On!

Bill from Catmandu and grandson Dominic

We all gathered on the grounds near our boats. The grill was already white hot. The meat was sizzling. Side dishes and desserts appeared on picnic tables. We were on! The food was great with a lot of laughing. And then the climax of the whole thing – a Looper Trivia contest.

Lisa and I had been working on it for several days and it was a whopper. There were four categories with five regular question and a sixth bonus question. Then there were three super bonus questions. The questions ranged from locations on the loop to the Coast Guard to products we all use on board. It was fun. In the end Bob and Cathryn of Next To Me were victorious. Their prize were two spiffy Turtle Cove Marina caps compliments of the good folks here at the marina. It was quite the shenanigans.

So here we are alone at the marina. Jackets 2 and Blue Heron who are up in Carrabelle possibly making a daytime crossing on Sunday and will join us here at Turtle Cove.

We did wander into town today though. There was a craft fair and as the weather was exactly what the local Chamber of Commerce would hope for so the streets were crowded with people. We then had dinner with Ross and Laura at a Japanese hibachi restaurant – nothing like a dinner with fire.

An onion volcano on the grill

Laura and Ross drinking from a volcano

In closing take a look at this picture. It is of one of the typical tourist gift shops in Tarpon Springs. Check out the sign.

At least they're honest.

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