Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cooling Our Heels in Carrabelle

Sunday, December 30, 2012
We left Apalachicola along with The Zone and Proud Lady. The wind was still a bit prickly and we all had challenges getting off of the facing dock that was our home for the past five days or so. As one leaves Apalachicola you first go down the Apalachicola River a half a mile or so and enter a bay which runs then entire way to Carrabelle. With its islands on the outside these waters are sheltered from most of the turbulence out in the Gulf of Mexico. It was a bit choppy but overall an easy cruise of twenty five nautical miles. (I switched back to nautical measurements at this time as we had been using statute measurements since entering the Illinois River way back in September.) We entered The Carrabelle River inlet and motored up to The Moorings Marina where we all docked. On first blush Carrabelle is exactly as we expected. It is very small with only a few businesses. Fortunately one of them is a grocery store which will come in handy. The other is a small restaurant named The Fisherman’s Wife where we all went to eat. (Good food!)  After dinner we watched a few episodes of the television show “Leverage” and went to sleep.

Monday, December 31, 2012
Woke up 5am-ish. Wifi kind of stinks. Played Solitaire. Cleaned the outside of the boat. At 7:00 pm we all went over to The Zone for New Years Eve. Remember 9pm is looper’s midnight. So we all toasted in the New Year at 9pm then all went to our respective boats and went to sleep. We are such party animals, aren’t we?

Tuesday, January 01, 2013
Happy New Year! Both of us woke up ridiculously early. We stayed up for a while…then went back to sleep. Then we watched videos and took naps. The weather forecasts for the next week are not favorable for a crossing.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013
Woke up, played solitaire, ate breakfast, futzed around on the computer. Weather forecasts are getting worse. It looks like the next window to cross won’t be until middle part of next week.

Soooooooo….what to do, what to do, what to do? I could get up to my elbows in engine work? Nah. Already checked everything and all is aok. I could get into a St. Louis South City Dutch vibe and clean every square inch of the boat, inside and out. Why yes I could, but that is a snore and a half. I do have a small list of projects. Nope. My motivation quotient is way down. There are more videos to watch and we have been doing a lot of that. But we have literally seen everything at least twice, most more than that. I don’t even feel like typing this.

I want to be back out on the water! That’s what I want to do. I want to get to the next harbor. I want to feel the rumble of the engine under my feet. I want to bounce on top of some mild-tempered waves. I want to see porpoises jumping and swimming around. I want to watch my chart plotter scroll as we cruise. I want to watch our wake roll past the cabin door next to the helm. I want to pilot this boat! But alas, that is not to be right now. The weather is the master of all of us that cruise. It is said that there are three rules to successful boating: wait, wait some more and wait even more than that. I know darn good and well that waiting here in Carrabelle is the right thing to do. The conditions have to be right to make the crossing. But patience has never been one of my cardinal virtues, though this experience has made it better. But the sooner we can fire it up and head on out with a certainly that our crossing will be a safe and successful one the better I will like it.

If nothing else the weather here is acceptable and the company I keep is exceptional. It’s not too bad really. But sooner or later…….!


Sweet Pea said...

Yes Carrebelle is where the adventure comes to a screaming halt. And the anticipation of the Gulf crossing puts one on edge. Wait wait wait it out my friend then the adventure begins again

Barry said...

You could jump around the Bend to Steinhatchee if you have an open day. Just a thought.