Friday, February 22, 2013

Cooling Our Heels In St. Louis (Literally!)

Ah, Florida! Sunny skies and warm days. Its a wonderful thing to behold in January and February.
Here are a few picks of our last few days there.

BTW, I have finally been able to completely update the photo album and map which can be accessed by the links above.

Lisa and our buddy Charlie Pendergrass at Regatta Pointe

Ross, Laura and ourselves at the wonderful dockside restaurant at Regatta Pointe
...and the view outside our front door as a large winter storm swept through the  middle part of the country.
This sucks. Today's forecast for Sarasota is for sunny skies and a high of eighty-one degrees. And here in St. Louis it is for something all together different, as the picture above snows...I mean "shows". And to make matters worse we have been following the blogs of our friends as they make their way to the Florida Keys or across the state on the Okeechobee. Argh! One little episode that was really disgusting was I was watching the Weather Channel the other evening when the storm system was beginning to take shape and start it's trek eastward out of the Rockies and the southwest states. The talking head said something along the lines of, "This is a very large system that stretches from Texas all the way up to the Canadian border dumping snow, sleet or rain all the way to the east coast...except for southern Florida where it will be sunny and warm." Thanks, dude.

At least I have deck shoes to wear. No deck, mind you, but I've got the shoes.

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Craig A said...

I assumed you would be in town (St Louis) a little longer, so my apologies for not getting a chance to cross the street and say hello. This is typically Lynda's busiest time of year, being a florist at Valentines Day. Where my time goes, is anyone's guess:) Any day with low wind and sun on my face and I'm out flying planes. I promise to catch up with you, when you're back at home base again. My best to both of you. -Craig