Saturday, March 9, 2013

Shore Leave Is Part of a Cruise Plan

Our wonderful boat, Why Knot, is still calmly sitting all snug in her slip in Sarasota, Florida where it is warm and all Florida-y. There has been a bit of weather that has blown through the west central Florida region but nothing horrible. We’re still in Denver. Denver is a nice place. The weather has been fantastic with lots of sun and warmth. But it ain’t the same as being on our boat in Florida. Lisa has her nose firmly planted in her computer screen taking care of the heavy-duty work that she always has to do this time of year. (It’s tax season.) I am in a bit of lull in my task list as I got a lot done back in St. Louis, but I will be picking up the pace this coming week as the timing of completing some of my tasks become more relevant to getting us ready to return to the boat.

Television is boring. It is amazing that with a gazillion channels most of it is absolutely, mind-numbing gar-bahge’. Unfortunately I have become somewhat obsessed with a particular piece of trash called “Robot Combat League” on the Syfy Channel. Remember “Rock’em Sock’em Robots”? This show is that brought to human scale. Teams of two people control eight foot tall remote control robots fighting in a ring. I mean these are big time hydraulic and electronic monsters punching and duking it out. There is hydraulic fluid and electrical carnage galore. I feel ashamed of myself.

Last night (Friday) we did do something really fun. We went to see a University of Denver Pioneers NCAA Division I hockey game. When Lisa was young her family had season tickets and she attended many many games. Denver is a pretty good hockey town and DU was the only game in town for a long time (pre NHL days) and the Pioneers still have a very strong following. The opponents were the Seaswolves of the University of Alaska at Anchorage. The atmosphere was very fresh and exciting with an enthusiastic crowd of students and locals. Denver 7, Alaska 1. Here are a few pics.
Drop the puck already!
The student section
Nice crowd for a Friday night hockey game at DU.
Section 17, row 2, seats 8 and 9
Go Pioneers! They did. DU 7, Alaska 1

I make friends easily.

Oh, and by the way…remember when I said it was warm and sunny in Denver? The forecast for today is for up to a foot of snow. Oh well. I hope there will be rebroadcasts of Robot Combat League. Lisa does not.

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