Monday, April 15, 2013

It’s GO BOAT Time Again or It’s Been A Pretty Amazing Week-and-a-Half

April 14, 2013 – Ok. So let’s get you caught up on everything since my last post. There is a lot to report.

The work to be done according to my task list has gone extremely well. As a matter of fact it has been one of my most successful doing-stuff-on-the-boat times that I have had on the trip. Remembering that I am not the handiest guy around, for me to pull off some of these tasks is quite an accomplishment. I will not bore you with the details other than to say that all of the cabin lights are shining brightly, the door to the head will no longer bang around when we are underway, the galley hatch will not leak when it rains anymore, the boat now has AC power to the fly bridge, the bench on the fly bridge will stay put, all the generator and engine stuff is mission-ready, the main VHF radio is fully functional with its new fourteen foot whip antennae, the dinghy is now upgraded with an inflatable collar and securely fastened to the transom of the boat and everything is stowed and ready to go. Phew! And on Wednesday, April 10th we took the day off to get married.

You read that right. We got married. It was a lovely day with some old and new friends in attendance. Everyone from C dock here at Regatta Pointe Marina was there. (C dock is the rowdy dock. Naturally.) Charlie Pendergrass, our boat broker buddy and an elder of his church, performed the service. Gordon Burgess, the owner of American Marine (and Charlie’s boss) was there taking lots of pictures with a look of utter amazement on his face. (He can now say that his company is truly “Full Service.” – Buy a boat, get hitched.)
Lisa, myself and Charlie on the sun deck of Why Knot tying the knot, so to speak.
Don't we look Florida-ish?
There was one very dangerous aspect to all this…as Lisa was still in Denver and St. Louis prior to the big day that meant all of the planning was left up to me. “HAHAHAHAHAHA”, I laughed maniacally. Everything went very smoothly but I have to say that as far as the cake went I kind of veered off onto a strange tangent. Actually careening out of control over the abyss of strangeness would be more like it. Judge for yourself.
That's right. It's a hula girl and a hockey player.
Mmmm. Cake!
It was a beautiful day.

So it’s now Sunday, April 14, 2013 and we are waiting to leave Palmetto to points south to finish our loop and start another. We would have liked to leave on Saturday the 13th but the weather wasn’t what we would like. It wasn’t terrible but by waiting two more days until Monday, April 15th we would have five or six days of uninterrupted favorable conditions. Also, Lisa is feeling a bit under the weather and she is taking the entire weekend to rest. As the captain I have ordered her to stand down and lay down on the futon for the weekend. This means hours of Doctor Who episodes. (For those who get this reference we are working our way through the Martha Jones season.)

As far as finishing our loop we could cross our wake next Friday the 19th of April which would be a hoot as the 19th is my birthday. Coolness abounds!


Cathryn said...

Darrell and Lisa,
CONGRATULTIONS! So thrilled to hear the great news of your marriage and wish you many, many happy years together! Love the wedding outfits, and it looks like a good time was had by all. We so enjoyed our time with you two in Tarpon and still can't believe we did our whole Loop the same time you two did and didn't really spend time together until Carabelle, Gulf Crossing, Tarpon. Enjoy the next leg, again. Someone (you Darrell?) should write a book entitled "Love on the Loop" starring the crews of Why Knot and The Zone.
Hugs, Cathryn and Bob (back home in Olalla, with the sale of Next To Me scheduled to Close this Friday. sniff, sniff!)

Kermit and Katherine said...

Congratulations on everything!!!! We can't wait to see you to congratulate you both in person.

Katherine and Kermit
MV Good Karma

Craig A said...

Congratulations :) You guys are full of surprises! The cake looked pretty good, but you do understand we got your left over carrots, cottage cheese, and English muffins as Lisa cleared out the fridge before she left St Louis last week. Don't get me wrong, we loved getting them, but now I feel you owe me some cake Happy sailing my friends!