Friday, April 19, 2013

Progress Report

There ain't any. And there won't be until Wednesday.

In the last post I said that the generator was acting up again. The heat ex-changer is shot which mean that the coolant bleeds out through the sea water intake and outflow which means that the generator overheats quickly and shuts down automatically. And since the majority of moorings at Vero Beach are in a mooring field, no generator means no electricity. They do have a few docks that can take our size boat but they are more expensive than here at Indiantown Marina. Also the new part has to be ordered and won't arrive until next Wednesday. So we are going to stay here at Indiantown Marina until next Wednesday when we will then cross our wake, finish our loop and head up to Vero Beach where we have dock space reserved. The repair will be done on Thursday and we will then set our sights on continuing north.

Oh well.

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