Saturday, April 27, 2013

Welcome Back My Friends, To the Show That Never Ends

We’re so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside. (Yes, that’s from Brain Salad Surgery by Emerson, Lake and Palmer, for all of you paleolithic classic rockers. (me included))

Its Saturday and it looks like a good go-boat day. Vero Beach City Marina was one of our favorite stops last year and its good reputation has endured. We have had a pleasant stay albeit draining our pocketbook a bit. Our wonky generator was worked on by Larry of Atlantic Mobile Marine. He switched out the heat exchanger. Hopefully that will get it working properly so we can anchor out more as is our plan.

One very nice feature of this stay is that we have been able to visit with Dick and Deanna of Sareanna. They were part of our Crossing flotilla and this is their home port. They are very pleasant people and it was great to see them again. They were kind enough to loan us their car so we could provision up and, of course, pick up a few things from West Marina. (Had to switch out the fly bridge radio.)

So, what now? We head north, baby. We head north. We’re going to high-tail it up to Myrtle Beach to join Rick and Margi of Journey (and others?) and start the loop again. At least that’s the plan. We have a couple of long days ahead of us. Today we will cruise seventy miles up to the mooring field in Titusville and to Marineland Marina another seventy miles up from there on Sunday. I have our routes planned up to Savannah, though I haven’t picked a mooring our anchorage there yet. We would like to go to Tybee Island but it appears that there aren’t a ton of options there. If anyone has any ideas let me know. We are also going to stop in Charleston, SC for a few days. We passed it by last year and since everyone we know has raved about it so much we want to check it out for ourselves. But for now it is up the straight-straight-straights of Florida into the curve-curve-curves of Georgia.

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