Saturday, May 25, 2013

Everything Appears to Say That It’s Goboat Day!

(There are some pics at the end of this entry)
The last we saw our intrepid travelers we were sitting at Isle of Hope Marina with the full expectation that we would still be here the Tuesday after Memorial Day. But my new buddy Kevin at Performance Power came to the rescue. As we were sitting at the galley table early Thursday the phone rang. It was Kevin calling to say that a technician was on the way to us. This made us extremely happy.

Technician Geoff showed up at 8:00 and got to work. It took  him about an hour to nail down a diagnosis. The generator was putting out the proper volts and amps but the hertz was too high - 66 hertz when it should be at 60. (Listen to me. You’d think I knew what I was talking about, wouldn’t you?) But there was a challenge. Our generator is old so the ability to make adjustments is limited. It did not a voltage regulator having a transformer instead. What he ended up doing was bringing the rpm of the generator down just a hair to form a compromise. The hertz was now down to 61 but the volt output was also down a hair to 116 volts instead of 120. But it worked. The Xantrex charger/inverter now happily starts charging the batteries using the generator. So we are good to go.

As we were paid up until Saturday we decided to spend Friday taking care of more errands we had on land. Unfortunately one of those errands was to buy a new computer for me. When I woke up on Friday morning I sat down at my old computer to drink coffee and type this blog post but I got a big fat nothing from my trusty old Toshiba computer. Nada! It would not turn on. No power. Not even any of the power indicator lights were on. It was dead as a doornail. This meant we had to go to a nearby Best Buy and see if anything could be done with it. There wasn’t . The Geek Squad agent pronounced it dead on arrival. So I now am typing this on a brand new Toshiba computer. There’s always something.

But as I am writing this we are ready to leave Isle of Hope Marina...finally. The weather is spectacular: very sunny, hot, with some light winds from the south. Our destination is Cowen Creek to anchor out for the night some forty-eight miles to the north. On Sunday we will head up to the South Edisto River to anchor out once more. We will then pull into Ashley Marine in Charleston, South Carolina on Memorial Day once again to meet up with Sareanna, One September and Good Karma.
The Honey Fitz. Presidential Yacht used mostly by Kennedy

Getting her a little close there, aren't you bud?

Check out the center shake flavor from Sonic

Isle of Hope at low tide

and at high tide

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