Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vos iustus nescirem (Latin - You Just Never Know)

One of life’s most annoying characteristics is anti-climax. You get yourself up for something to occur and when the time is ripe for the occurrence to occur (How’s that for witty wordplay?) something somehow gets in the way and you end up with a big fat thud. So it is today, May 2, 2013, here in Titusville, Florida.

We have had a technical problem with the boat and these circumstances made it appear we would be here for the entire week. The engine starting motor died and our friendly neighborhood marine technician, Phil of Mims Mobile Marine Service (He gets an “A” grade, by the way), pulled it and took it to a shop in New Smyrna Beach to be rebuilt or repaired. We had slipped comfortably into that extended-marine-stay mode, thinking that we weren’t going to get out of here until Saturday or Sunday. The weather reports were iffy with rain, possible thunderstorms and some wind. But nothing we had not seen before in forecasts, which many times turned into reasonably nice cruising days. After all, a 50% chance of rain and thunderstorms could also be read as a 50% chance of nice weather. But it appeared that the forecasts were moot as we weren’t going to get out of here anyway…as we had NO WAY TO START THE ENGINE!

On Tuesday evening as we were watching some episode from season five of “West Wing” we were surprised to get a call from Phil with the good news that the starting motor was ready to be re-installed  This obviously pleased us greatly. Our thoughts immediately turned from nap times over the next several days to routes and destinations. It looked like we were going to get out of here and continue north. Yay!

Phil, and his assistant Carl, showed up on Wednesday and went to work re-installing the starting motor. After some tinkering and a few false starts the engine came back to life with its cat-like purr, albeit a very big cat. (Get it? “cat-like purr? Caterpillar engine? Oh, forget it.) We were ready to go. We went and finalized our bill with the marina and starting making ready to get a good start on Thursday morning. The weather forecast was still holding in its original form and we were betting that that 50% thing was going to be in our favor. We were anxious. We were excited.


During the night we heard the unmistakable sound of heavy rain on the fiberglass above our heads. Waaa!  It was raining fairly hard and as sunrise appeared it was very gray and gloomy. The forecasts had been updated showing seventy to eighty percent chances of thunderstorms through Saturday. Winds weren’t a big deal yet. That apparently comes later in the day. There was not going to be a big deal as far as water chop goes but, frankly, I don’t like cruising in the rain. First, visibility is a factor. Second, I don’t like Lisa out on the decks when they are slippery, not to mention her getting wet. And third, it’s just plain dull, depressing and an overall bummer. Furthermore, to make the THUD of anti-climax even more of a THUD this front is damn big and very slow. The forecasts clearly show that it will pass Friday and Saturday but not a moment sooner. Sunday looks wonderful.

So here we sit still in Titusville with a boat all ready to go, a crew anxious to get moving and weather that overrules all of our intentions. This is a dictionary definition of anti-climax. Look it up. You’ll likely see a picture of us.

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Joy Holzworth said...

Titusville was nice so enjoy! Dis you eat at the Dixie Crossroad? Bill says Best shrimp and grits. See you soon- JOY