Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Good Ol' Barefoot

There is something reassuring about returning to a familiar marina. When you're cruising the loop everyday is totally different. You never quite know what you are getting yourself into. Ever since we made that big left turn in Stuart and crossed our wake everything is now in our memories somewhere. We know the marina layouts, we know what the waters are like and we know the pluses and minuses of each locale.

Having been to Barefoot Marina before we knew ahead of time what to expect. The docks are first rate, the shoreside facilities are pretty good but access to things such as stores and restaurants kind of sucks. That is unless you have a car. Barefoot is a large planned resort area in Myrtle Beach, which itself is a long resort town with all of the typical kind of trashy resort stuff. There is a small facing dock marina named Barefoot Landing Marina on the east side of the ICW. It backs up to an outlet mall kind of thing and is just a basic long dock with shore power and nothing else. Barefoot Marina, where we are, is on the west side of the ICW and because of road layouts it is actually a long way from the other side of the water, even with a bridge just north of the marina. When we were here the last time Lisa and I walked to the other side and found it to be a pretty good hike to get to nothing, really. However Jim and Dale of Sweet Pea are here and they are becoming transplants. During our time here they were trying to make a deal on a home a few miles away to become official South Carolinians but with thick Massachusetts accents. They also have a car. Sweet.

It was a bright, sunny and warm day on Saturday and after a few chores on board we all went for a drive. They first took us to the house they are trying to buy and then to a small IGA market for a little provisioning. Later in the day we all went to dinner at a restaurant called Ella's in Calabash, North Carolina. Pretty good food! It was all deep fried but it came across as light and tasty. Going back to the marina we crossed the necessary bridges to go into the heart of Myrtle Beach's tourist area. I think it's Highway 17 and it goes for many, many miles. There was all the typical tourist trappings: all-you-can-eat buffets of all different cuisines, loads of grotesquely lit tourist gift mega-marts, pawn shops and bail bond offices. Jim and Dale said that it can be a pretty rowdy place.

Sunday was just as nice with the wind picking up in the afternoon ahead of front that is coming through. It was movie day. We all went to see the new Star Trek movie which was quite good. Go see it even if you are not a trekkie. Monday was a rainout. Yuk.

So our time here in Barefoot was a good one. We got to see two great friends, Jim and Dale of Sweet Pea.

Oh, and by the way, as many of our friends have pointed out there is another Nelson trawler docked at Barefoot Landing Marina. But of course it is not as nice as ours. That's because we do always have the best boat in the marina...every time!

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Anonymous said...

We are right behind you and hope to catch up in the next day or two. At Barefoot tonight, just visited with Jinm and Dale. Will make a stop or two around Southport tomorrow and may make Bald Head late tomorrow or Thur. Where/when do you plan to be?
David and Barbara
MemoryMaket too