Friday, June 28, 2013

Ok, This Just Stinks

Its not that we don't like Coinjock Marina. In fact its not a bad place to hang out except for the fact that it is isolated. The docks are very good, the staff friendly, the on-premises restaurant is outstanding, they have pump-out capabilities at each boat along their monster dock...but there ain't anything else to do except watch videos and write blog entries. And it is here we are waiting for this dreary and unstable air mass to pass on through.

This part of the east coast is just getting pounded by low pressure systems, one right after another. (Basic formula - low pressure begets lousy or worsening weather. High pressure begets good or improving weather.) The barometric pressure has been in a free fall for the last seventy-tow hours or so and the overall conditions between here and anywhere in Chesapeake Bay and all the way up into New York state are, according to our mission rules, at best marginal, at worse unacceptable. The folks in New York are particularly getting a stiff dose of miserable as the rain has been torrential to the point that the Erie Canal system is closed. It has been for about a week (or more!) and will be for at least a few more days. There are a lot of loopers including our good buddies Rick and Margi of Journey that have been just plain ol' stuck. The canal operators have even put out a notice for everyone to sit tight and don't even bother moving further north. There apparently are too many boats in queue at Waterford.

Our situation further south is not so bleak, but it is terribly inconvenient. Our next destination is the marina operated by the city in Hampton Roads, VA, which is very close to the I-64 tunnel/bridge in the St. Elizabeth River. This highway has become the official demarcation line between Norfolk Harbor and the Chesapeake Bay. Currently on this side of the line it is calling for two foot seas and winds in the ten to fifteen mile per hour range. On the other side of the line the prediction is the same but we know damn good and well (and confirmed by some good local knowledge here at Coinjock) that that is not to be believed at all. The waves will be taller, which could spill back onto the harbor side of the line. Other complications include the possibility of higher winds as we are negotiating the Great Bridge lock and negotiating other swing bridges before that.

So, anyway, we had planned today to be our goboat day. Here's the deal. Winds are higher than ten miles per hour, mostly in the fifteen mile per hour area. Higher in open water, such as Norfolk harbor. Waves in the harbor are predicted to be two feet, which to me means three feet. Wind direction has been and is to be unchanged. I want to see a clockwise change of direction. The NWS has used the dreaded word "unstable" to describe conditions. This is codeword for, "We have no frikkin' idea what will happen." They use that word to cover their...sterns.

But then again, I could be wrong.

Lisa has said "no" to going today. Our rule is one no vote wins. End of conversation.

I'm frustrated. Can you tell?

Now, you saltier captains may say I am a weather wuss.


Wait, wait, wait.


Anonymous said...

Go across the water to Crabby's at Midway marina. They have some of the best chocolate cake we ever had. Their cream crab soup is also excellent.
We are currently in a covered slip at Calvert Marina in Solomons. Said hello to Ross and Laura on the Zone, they are waiting for you.
David and Barbara
MemoryMaker too

Anonymous said...

If you buy a VIP membership at Hampton ( $35.00 ) it reduces your dockage rate to .75/ft. This can payoff good if you stay a few days. I think every 4th day is free also and you can bank that for a return trip. Check it out.
David Doyle

Cathryn said...

Yep, we continue to follow several Looper blogs, including yours, and the weather has been much, much worse along the ICW all spring, and now into summer, than it was for us Loopers in the class of 2012. We got lucky last year! The situation in New York is horrid. Canal has been closed for more than 2 weeks, and no indication when it will reopen. More than 100 boats backed up. One Looper, Help Me Rhonda, has been stuck INSIDE lock #11 for 15 days. Canal staff made them move there for protection during flooding. Read their blog! Hope the weather at Coinjock improves soon and you're able to move along. Cathryn