Thursday, June 13, 2013

We're at Sneads Landing and It's...

(Sorry there are not pictures. I'm getting lazy)


Just had to get that out there.

We left Bald Head Island Marina (6/9) on a fairly calm day which was helpful because Why Knot was on a t-head down a large main thoroughfare...pointed in the wrong direction. It had been my intention to get the boat turned around the day before our departure with the help of a dockhand or two but the wind was still coming right down the chute which would have made it difficult. But on our goboat day the winds were calm and I was able to back her out pretty as a picture.

The conditions for the day were for a heavy cloud cover with a 50% chance of rain and thunderstorms. We did catch a little rain but it was an otherwise uneventful sixty-eight mile cruise to Swan's Point Marina at Sneads Ferry, North Carolina.

If you haven't been to this marina it is a different kind of a place. Using a boater secret codeword it is "rustic", with a wicked current running by it that made pulling in a bit of a chore. But the people here are incredibly nice and we are staying three nights to wait for a front to pass over us. The people in charge took over the marina July of '12 from a previous operator that, I guess, didn't give a rip, and they are trying very, very hard to make things go right. Our original plans were to stay at Mile Hammock anchorage a mile further north but the forecasts were for a stormy day on Monday. Our next leg is a short forty-two mile day to Moorehead City.

Which brings me to one of my biggest gripes: the infamous precipitation percentage forecast of the National Weather Service. According to the NWS the precipitation percentage is not a statistical chance of it precipitating but a historical perspective. The way they get the number is to go through all of the historical data for near the same date and roughly the same conditions. Their forecast percentage is the number of times it rained. So, as I said, today had a 50% chance of rain. That meant that on dates with the same conditions it rained 50% of the time and not rained the other 50%. So on days that it says there is a 30% chance, three out of ten times that there were the same conditions it rained. Get it? I do. Always did. Still do. But my gripe is not the formula its me making the wrong call on whether we goboat or not. Like here at Swans Point. We could have made it to Moorehead City if we had been at the anchorage and able to leave early when we wanted to rather than waiting for high tide at 10:am-ish to pull out of here. Oh well. I am getting some chores done and Lisa has promised some of her homemade chocalate chip cookies and some decadent little cakes with blueberry filling.

Its a small price to pay!

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