Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Annapolis! Finally!

We made it to Annapolis right on time. But for awhile it seemed like we never would. The weather has just been disgustingly difficult. A pattern of being able to get out and cruise on one day and then sit in a marina for four days had become the norm. But things finally opened up and we made the jump to Annapolis Landing Marina on July 15th, the day that our month long reservation started.

We finally got out of Deltaville on Saturday, July 13th and made it up to Solomons, Maryland where we were reunited with Ross and Laura of The Zone and, as an extra added bonus, Rick and Betsy of Rick and Roll. The last time either of us had seen them (Rick and Betsy) was when I attended the AGLCA Fall Rendesvous in Alabama. It was fun catching up with both crews over dinner on Saturday night and a barbecue on Sunday. But getting to Annapolis was the goal.

On Monday the 15th Lisa and I departed Solomons early, about 7:30 am. Ross and Laura still had a few chores to do and left about 8:45 am. We thought it best to get scooting as it was expected that the lower portion of the trip might get a bit rolly if we lingered much later than we did. The Zone, being a bit faster boat, would be able to catch up with us. It was a very hot and muggy day with a heat wave settling in over the entire northeast. This was made worse by almost calm winds which is great for boating conditions but made for a pretty drippy and uncomfortable afternoon.

We just kept plugging along at what felt like a slower speed than what I thought we should be cruising at. I have been suspicious that we may have dinged the propeller or something like that, or at least we need to get a good bottom cleaning. We are also still carrying a lot of fuel and that can be holding us down too. We'll hire a diver to go down and clean the hull and check things out below.

Anyway we are in Annapolis! We are going to settle back and enjoy this great city for a month. Annapolis Landing Marina appears to be a very nice marina with all the amenities that we like. And for the price tag it better have. The monthly rate is a full $1000.00 which is pretty steep for out tastes but we are taking this being a very special situation, kind of our reward for all the cruising we have done in the last eighteen months: just shy of 7000 miles. Also son#2 Kevin is going to spend a week with us which ought to be an absolute hoot. Both son#1 Bryan and son#2 Kevin are great young men and fun to be with. But Kevin is just a bit more...I don't quite know how to say this...hysterical, energetic, effervescent?!

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Where did you stay in Deltaville. Susan and I had hoped to see you there.