Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Float Plan

There are some loopers and cruisers that like to leave their float plans as fluid (no pun intended) things, not knowing what there destinations are until they get someplace. That is perfectly AOK, but that is not our style. I am a planner. I love going over all of the details and figuring everything out. ActiveCaptain is one of my very favorite things in life as I get to get into the minutae of all of the possibilities. There are times that I am at my happiest when I have my computer on, chartbooks out and a calculator buzzing away. Lisa likes to joke that the only thing missing from my bliss is a large dry-erase board or at least a large paper notepad on an easel to draw everything out first. And frankly the only reason we don't have these things on board is that they would cover the windows in the salon and obscure the view. And yes, we do have these things at our home. (Doesn't everybody?)

Here is the detailed float plan to get us to our Fall shore-leave back to STL and DEN.

Annapolis to St. Michaels
St. Michaels to Cambridge
Cambridge to Mill Creek
Mill Creek to Tangier Island
Tangier to Onancock
Onancock to Deltaville
Deltaville to Yorktown
Yorktown to Hampton
Hampton to Dismal Free Dock
Dismal to Coinjock
Coinjock to Alligator
Alligator to Pungo River anch
Pungo River anch to Washington NC
Washington to Hobucken
Hobucken to Morehead
Morehead to Lejuene
Lejeune to Wrightsville
Wrightsville to Southport
Southport to Barefoot

We have also figured out what our float plan for the winter is.

Arr Barefoot 9/15
Transit Barefoot to STL 9/21-22
In STL 9/22-29
Transit STL - DEN 9/29
In DEN 9/29-10/27
Transit DEN - STL 10/27
In STL 10/27-10/31
Transit STL - Barefoot 10/31-11/1
In Barefoot 11/1-11/7
Transit Barefoot to Vero 11/7 - 12/1
Transit Vero to Gulf Coast 12/1 - 12/15
In Gulf Coast 12/15 - 1/15 Our winter home will be Turtle Cove Marina in Tarpon Springs. We are hoping to run into some loopers as they finish the Crossing.
Transit Gulf Coast to Vero 1/15 -1/31
Begin shoreleave from Vero 2/1 -3/31

There are three things that could put a big monkey wrench in the works and that is there are some major service repairs to be done. Getting new canvas on the top decks is a must as the current canvas is brittle and we are finding more and more little tears. Also while we have gotten recent reports from divers that the bottom paint is ok, its not great. We'll need a new bottom job. Why Knot had an extremely heavy duty bottom job done on her a few years ago that has worn well up to now. We would be interested in investing in this same heavy duty type of coating again. Also, the generator is suspect, while it runs well now there are signs of weakness and replacing it within the next year is imminent. We would rather swap it out before it craps out, while we have control over the situation.

From Vero in the spring we will head north again hopefully to New England and Canada. It will be a busy summer.

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m/v Erika Lin said...

Hey Darrell & Lisa
Bob & I will be heading back to Cape Coral, FL (by car) beginning Oct. 1st and will be there until May. If you are in Ft. Myers or Punta Gorda, let us know. We would enjoy visiting with you!
Bob & Lynda Krueger
aboard Erika Lin, Mystic, CT