Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our Shore Leave is Going to be Longer Than We Thought...But That's Okay.

When we set off on our Great Loop adventure back in November of 2011 we basically dropped everything. While we were certainly glad that we did, as our twenty-one months on Why Knot, as our home, was and is wonderful. But this current shore leave has presented us with a few new challenges and some wonderful opportunities.

On the down side...we just moved into our house shortly before we left for Florida and in our haste to get things put someplace we stacked some plastic bags filled with all kinds of things on the floor of our finished basement against a finished wall next to an outside wall. Unfortunately as Lisa was moving things around a few days ago she discovered that the plastic bags created some kind of moisture barrier that allowed a pretty substantial amount of mold to grow. It is a major repair and we really can't leave until that is fixed. Then we have to really finish moving in. That will take some time. Furthermore we have a lot of unfinished tasks that need to get done. I guess the best way to say it is that we have a bunch of things to be done that we have deferred in favor of our cruising. It is time to get them done.

As far as opportunities go there are a lot of them too. I am converting the blog of our Great Loop adventure into a memoir that will be available for purchase on Amazon (hint hint). I think it will be entertaining and interesting for boaters and lubbers alike. Lisa has a lot of really cool things to do too, that will make our cruising life a lot better.

So the bottom line is we are canceling our winter cruising season. The boat is safely at Barefoot Marina which has been terrific in being flexible to accommodate us. We are looking forward to being back out on the water starting in April 2013 where we plan on heading north on up to New England and the Down East Loop.

Besides the Cardinals are in the playoffs and Blues hockey is underway. We can't just pick-up and leave now!

Go Cards.


Sweet Pea said...

Funny how things tend to catch up to you 😦. Don't settle in too much, you don't want to set down roots! If there is ANYTHING we can do for you just give us a shout!

Kermit and Katherine said...

It is weird to be back home and realize all the stuff that didn't automatically get finished by those fairies to take care of back room stuff. I completely understand. We are working on the house and devoting quality time to The Interview Doctor. We plan to come out in May to take on the Canadian portion of the loop that we left unfinished. Perhaps our paths will cross again!!

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