Friday, December 13, 2013

Several notes that are noteworthy...

The pile of dirt that has been on our driveway is gone. Yay. Now just some small carpentry and painting to go. Moving several tons of dirt by hand one shovel at a time has not been very fun. All things considered, taking care of Why Knot is a heck of a lot easier. Plus it has been very cold here, We both have permanent cases of the sniffles and we are going through boxes of Kleenex like crazy.

I have re-purposed and relaunched. It's a site that I have had for a while but it kind of languished. Actually I ignored it. will be about boating lifestyle stuff that I will post. You can contribute too, if you like. will be about our exploits. You will see that both have been redesigned and updated. Much clearer.

And finally, as you look at the sites, you will see a new ad link on the left. I have published a book about our Great Loop adventure titled I Should Buy A BoatClick here to go to Amazon or just search the title. It is not a rehash of the blog either. It's about 80% new material. Now, at the moment, it is only available as a soft cover version. It will be available as an ebook very soon, (Kindle to be specific. Free Kindle readers are available for every tech setup, Android, PC, Apple) which is obviously preferable for those of you out on the water unable to reliably receive mail. I enjoyed working on it a lot, and I think it turned out well. I am interested what y'all will have to say about it. And please, if you hate it please be kind in your online review. Remember that I have a very fragile ego.

Anyway, we are getting ready for Christmas around here. It will be pretty low key.

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Craig A said...

As I personally witnessed, sometimes there was more "interaction" than actual dirt moving going on in your driveway during this phase of operations. PDA's ... public dirt moving with affection may yet catch on. You two are a great couple!