Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You - "So, how's your shore leave going, Darrell?"

Glad you asked. Things are going swimingly. Well, "swimingly" might not be the best word to use to describe it. But it's going well. We still have a half a dump truck load of high quality dirt in our driveway that is slowly, but surely being distributed around the foundation of our house. The drywall repairs in the basement are still a work in progress. The needed landscaping on the west, north and south sides of the house are done. All that we have left to do is to distribute the rest of the aforementioned dirt all around our yard so that we can get our cars into the garage, and, when the drywall guy finishes his work, paint the basement. Ah, manual labor! Nothing like it. All of this work on the house is making me remember all of the maintenance on the boat and, all things considered, I would rather be doing that.

We have had some jollies along the way. The big event so far was being a part of the worldwide broadcast of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special on November, 23rd. I've spoken about us being fans of this British science fiction TV show before. This special event was very much a special event. We had sons Bryan and Kevin over for the broadcast and Lisa and I got into a little cosplay for it.
Amy Pond and the Doctor
Lisa died her hair red to resemble Amy Pond, one of the Doctor's companions. I dressed up with a leather jacket, tennis shoes, suspenders, a bow tie and a stalk of celery pined to my jacket lapel. In one swoop I channeled the 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors. The broadcast was outstanding, we had a lot of fun and Lisa looks hotter than hell as a redhead.

The other event that has occupied my time is that I have written a book about our Great Loop adventure. It's not a travelogue but a memoir. I first tried re-purposing this blog but I didn't like that way that was shaping up. So instead, it contains about 85% original material about some of the more notable aspects of the trip. I think it's different than the other books out there about the subject. I'm pretty pleased with it. Some of the chapters are about how we bought Why Knot, our experiences at the AGLCA rendesvous, wildlife and a few chapters about specific places on the route. It even contains a chapter about how I would market a marina, drawing on my experience in the area. I'm in the final stages of editing at this time, concentrating on punctuation, continuity and the like. It will be an ebook on Amazon. I think you all will need to buy at least seven copies of it.

We've been keeping in touch with our friends out on the loop and cruising up and down the coast. It sounds like that conditions haven't been too good. It's been rainy and windy. That's too bad. But, again all things considered, we'd rather be on Why Knot somewhere in Florida than in St. Louis. The forecast for Thursday in the gateway city is for snow. Yikes.


mike said...

Do you have a title, even just a working one, for the book yet?

BTW, I click those little check boxes at the bottom of the post, but it never shows up. I’ll bet you have more readers than you know about.

DeFever 40
Palm Coast FL

Darrell Grob said...

Hi Mike
Title is "I Should Buy A Boat"
Almost ready to publish.
The introduction explains the title.

What little check boxes are you talking about?

mike said...

The ones that say - funny, interesting, cool.

I like the title, and I think I know why you may have chosen it.

DeFever 40

Darrell Grob said...

Cat meme

the first paragraph of the introduction says...
This is a complex introduction, so let me lay some groundwork here. It goes in several rather odd directions; about internet memes and British science fiction television; about my frustrations about my life and how I finally found a place where, perhaps for the first time in my life, I felt at home. I think that at the end of this introduction I'll be able to tie it all up together.