Saturday, February 1, 2014

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Howdy y'all

We are here in beautiful Denver, CO at a very exciting time. The Denver Broncos are in the Super Bowl and the town is full of energy and excitement. We have plans to go to Lisa's cousin's house for the game on Sunday. Unfortunately, there is a forecast for heavy snow in the area over the weekend so I think a lot of the population's Super Bowl party plans are in jeopardy. Her cousin's house is north of Denver near Fort Collins. There is reason to believe that the roads might not be passable enough to get there safely. We'll have to see. Actually there has been quite a lot of snow falling since we've been here. We understand that many of you that are on your boats in the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida are getting some cold and snowy weather too. Don't feel to bad though. While your accumulations are but a few inches, at most, ours are measured in feet. Not all at once, but a foot here and foot there. All things considered we would rather be where you are. If any of you would like to trade places with us...

Lisa likes the snow. As she is a native Coloradan she is used to it. As for me, while we do get snow in St. Louis it's nothing like in Denver. The snow in Denver is light and fluffy. Cleaning off a car involves nothing more than a few swipes with your hands and it's gone. In St. Louis there is almost always an underlying layer of slushy ice so you need to have a chisel or a jack hammer to get a car cleaned off. One of my newest purchases is a Snow Boss snow shovel. It's a monster snow shovel ergonomically designed to remove the most amount of snow with the least back strain. For those of us that enjoy mechanically cool things this is a real turn-on. It's like the feeling of holding a high powered rifle or shotgun. It just feels all manly and tough. “Snow? HA!” Yesterday, before the snow started, we had a contractor over to the house to quote on a few repairs. He passed the shovel waiting silently in a corner of the breezeway between the house and the garage. He stopped and said, “Ooh. Where'd you get that?”
B - A - D - A - S - S !
A lot of our time here so far has been spent on seeing doctors and dentists and the like, mostly for me. I am pleased to say that my doctor has given me a pretty much clean bill of health, except for a slight elevation in my cholesterol. Her prescription is to loose some weight and try to eat more vegetables. Otherwise it was a “see you next year” kind of thing. As far as Lisa goes, she needs to see our dentist to get some grill work done. That happens next week. I need some work done too.

One very positive thing that we are pleased to report is about our new health provider. As we all have to have health insurance, we signed on with Kaiser Permanente. They have extensive facilities here in Denver and our experience has been terrific. They are very efficient and expeditious but with plenty of personal service. While I was seeing my doctor here she, along with LPNs and Nurse Practitioners, spent over an hour consulting with us. It was not rushed at all. Very impressive. As far as using them while we are on the east coast we are covered 100% for emergency care anywhere. Otherwise they do have major facilities in Baltimore and Atlanta for anything less than emergency needs, so we think we have things covered well.

Lisa is about to go into full accountant mode. My job is to keep quiet, keep the kitchen clean and to be ready to jump to take care of any of her needs so she can get her work done in a timely manner. If something needs to be fetched from Office Depot or the like, that's my job. I also make sure there is a fresh pot of coffee always hot and ready.

Broncos by 10, 31-21. The Seahawks have not faced an offense like the Broncos. A “high powered offense” in the NFC is nothing like what the Broncos can generate. The 'hawks won't know what hit 'em.