Thursday, October 9, 2014

So, like, here's what's happening....

As I write this, Lisa and I are still in Denver, but good news abounds, we have our Frontier Airlines reservations in hand to head back to Annapolis on Tuesday the 14th. Yee Haa!

Why Knot has been up on the hard at Holiday Pointe Marina since September 4th. The generator has been successfully changed out, as well as some other repairs made. So she's ready to go ... twelve miles back up to Annapolis Landing Marina.

The Annapolis power boat show starts on the 16th and we are just too darn close to it to pass up the opportunity to see one of these things. So, when we get back to the boat, courtesy of new friends John and Gloria, and with them as our new day crew, we will head back to Annapolis for a week and take in the shindig. Again, new friends Bill and Michelle, and Bill and Nancy, will be there also. (Hmm. John and Gloria, Bill and Michelle, Bill and Nancy, another couple that the Bills, Michelle and Nancy know, and Lisa and I. Hey, I think we have the makings of a party.)

After that, we will point the bow south, push the throttle lever all the way, and get as far south as we can by around mid-November, when we must again head back to DEN and STL to take care of some business. Fortunately, that trip will not involve any labor (he says, crossing his fingers) other than signing documents. Then we'll head straight back to the boat, and then we'll figure out what the hell we'll do then. The only thing that we know for sure is that we are going to earnestly try to get sons Bryan and Kevin down on the boat with us, if we can get them to pry any of their vacation time from sitting around and binge watching the first four seasons of Game of Thrones for the umpteenth time.

One last thing -- ask me what I did  here in Denver. Go ahead, ask me. Glad you asked. I painted and painted and painted. I also did some painting. Lisa had it worse. She had to listen to me bitch and moan about incessantly. She's a saint.

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