Saturday, July 7, 2018

Trouble In Baltimore

We've been at Baltimore's finger docks in the inner harbor two nights and have been hassled twice already.

On the first night, we were accosted by a crazy person. He ranted incoherently and kicked the boat, but he was otherwise harmless. He left on his own, but I did report it to officers on the scene a little later. They reported that the poor guy had been picked up and taken to a hospital for observation. No harm was done. I wish the guy well.

But this last night, just a couple of hours ago, as a matter of fact, we had an incident that was worse by a long shot. We were boarded by two thieves in the middle of the night. Lisa heard it first. There were heavy footsteps on deck all the way up to our flybridge. They were snatch-thieves looking for a quick grab, a crime of opportunity, but there was nothing for them to take. I have anything of any value tied down very securely and concealed. They weren't looking for a project, just some kind of loose change, so to speak, that they could take and go. I grabbed a flagpole as a club and chased them off the boat. They were teenagers and they weren't looking for any trouble, which I would have been happy to give them.

A similar thing happen when we were here in 2014. Honest to God, this is true. We had heard that tourists, especially Asian tourists, had no compunction to boarding boats to have their pictures taken on them. We thought this was a myth and kind of laughed it off.

It was a Friday evening and we were sitting in our galley when we heard the unmistakable sound of hard-soled shows on our starboard deck, right behind me. We looked at each other in amazement. “Someone's on our boat!” we exclaimed together. I dashed up on the main deck and there, standing on the foredeck, was an Asian woman getting her picture taken by her husband who was on the dock.

My reaction was what you'd expect. I yelled, “Get the F### off my boat!” At first, she stood there while her husband finished taking the picture. She then stepped down onto the dock, but not before she looked at me like I was the one who was doing something wrong. It was kind of a “How rude of you!” expression. Rude indeed.

Welcome to Baltimore.

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