Wednesday, August 8, 2018

2018 Cruising Season Sit-Rep – Where do we stand?

In this video, 2018 Cruising Season Sit-Rep – Where do we stand?, I bring you an up-to-date situation report on where we've been and what we have left to cover. #annapolis #longislandsound #mysticct #mystic Even though I'm a big-time planner (some would say I'm persnickety about it) I have bent and flexed myself to make sure we got the maximum fun, enjoyment, and excitement from this season.
#annapolis #longislandsound #mysticct #mystic

Here's a few promised links:
The 2018 Cruising Plan Revealed (same as the link in the video)
About our experience in Baltimore
About our navigating the NJICW
Marina Review of Schooner Island Marina in New Jersey
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#annapolis #longislandsound #mysticct #mystic
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