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Marina Report – Safe Harbor Mystic Yacht Yard

#marinas #marina #marinareport It's time to catch up on marian reports.

Here's another marina report on the Why Knot Great Lakes Grand Tour. Using the N D S, A A, P P marina analysis model, I'll fill you in on what my experience was. The views expressed are strictly my own.

Cruising Long Island Sound to Mystic, CT was a great experience. It was well worth the effort and expense. The town was fun, and the sights were interesting, and the marina we stayed at, Safe Harbor Mystic Yacht Yard, was, in my opinion, average. Yep, average.

N: NavigabilitySafe Harbor Mystic Yacht Yard is up toward the north end of the Mystic River in Connecticut, very near the Amtrak swing bridge before the town center. The channel is well marked with good depths.

D: Dockage Floating docks of varying lengths and thoroughfare widths. We were docked at two different locations. The first was in a slip near the fuel dock; the thoroughfare felt tight but wasn't a problem when we had to move the boat. Our second dock was a facing dock with lots of room. There's 30 and 50 amp electricity and water. They have a good dock crew. The docks aren't new per se, but have been very well maintained. The dock pilings are new-ish. Wind and current should be considered when docking and undocking.

S: Services – Safe Harbor Mystic Yacht Yard is a full-service marina. They offer electricity, water, and a complete service department. They do haul-outs and on-the-hard storage during the off-season. Their fuel dock is large enough and sticks out in the channel very conveniently – easy to get fuel or a pump-out. There is a pump-out boat that services the entire Mystic seaport area. (Lots and lots of mooring balls with mostly sailboats attached.)

A: Amenities – There is a main building where most of the amenities are, and there's nothing super-special about them. Actually, there are some oddities to get used to. The large laundry room is on the second floor and you have to lug your laundry bags and baskets up and down a long flight of stairs. The bathrooms in the main building are weird; the toilet stalls are small, and the showers are shaped odd with stairs in them. There are much roomier and accommodating showers and lavatories in the bathrooms at the outbuilding by the swimming pool. There's no ship's store or bodega on the premises. You have to go off-property if you want to or need to buy anything.

A: Accessibility – It is .9 miles (as per Google Maps) from the marina office to the middle of the drawbridge in Mystic. That's not a terrible walk by any means. We used our bikes a lot, but there are only a few bike racks in Mystic. Enterprise picks you up – we rented a car for a day, and we're glad we did.

P: Provisioning – There's one supermarket in the area, but it is are not easily accessible without a rental car or ride-share, or as in our case, bum a ride off a boating buddy. We ended up bunching-up all of our activities that initially required a car into one twenty-four period: some touristy stuff, grocery shopping, etc. We then used our bikes for getting in and out of Mystic.

P: Price – Their published transient rate on Active Captain is $3.50 per foot plus electricity. No discounts. We booked our slip through Dockwa dot com.

Verdict – Mystic and the Connecticut maritime coast is very cool. We enjoyed going to New London, and Mystic itself is fun. It's a great destination! But this is a marina report, and Safe Harbor Mystic Yacht Yard in and of itself is nothing special. It may be spectacular compared to the others in Mystic; it probably is. However, we've been exposed to much nicer marinas down south that cost a third of what Safe Harbor Mystic Yacht Yard charges. Now, I understand the entire Northeast is more expensive than the Mid-Atlantic Coast or southeast is. Ya' pays yer quarters, ya' takes yer chances. I get that. But, damn, that's a lot of money for a marina that's nowhere close to being in the top ten marinas we've been too.

Mystic and the Connecticut maritime coast is amazing. Safe Harbor Mystic Yacht Yard is average.

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