Sunday, August 12, 2018

Norwalk – A Second Look

When we set out on our cruising adventures, we rarely go back to someplace once we've been there already during the season. This year we've done it twice. (Actually, three times, but that's another story.) The first time was when we went back to Summit North Marina in Delaware after we visited Philadelphia. That was a stop of convenience. The second time was when we went back to Norwalk, CT. That was because we felt we had short-changed that destination the first time, and we wanted to check it out.

Norwalk Cove Marina
First of all, the marina, Norwalk Cove, is as hospitable a marina for big boats as you can find. There will be more about that in a future marina report. Let's say for now that if you have a boat that's a bit bigger than most, you'll love Norwalk Cove.

Big, big, big slips
The town itself is fine. The SONO area (South Norwalk, the part of town closest to the marina) is made up mostly of restaurants and bars, not shops. It's not a quaint New England town but a vibrant city. It's “millennial” in its vibe and very cosmopolitan. There's a rich tapestry of different cultural, national, and ethnic impressions. 

SONO neighborhood of Norwalk
We both said that if we were thirty years old again, Norwalk would certainly be worth a look as someplace to live. And maybe that's how to describe Norwalk: it's a nice place to live, but not a tourist destination. But you should certainly make the time to go there.

There is one feature of the marina that deserves special mention: they have a miniature putting course, and it is AWESOME.

I won by five strokes.

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