Who are we?
We are Darrell and Lisa Grob, the crew of MV Why Knot, a 45 foot Thompson Nelson diesel trawler. We are Gold Loopers and coastal cruisers. Our home port is St. Louis, MO.

How can we be contacted?
We would like to limit the ways in which we can be reached electronically. Here is our contact information:
Darrell's email address is darrell.grob@gmail.com
Darrell's phone number is 314-333-1134
twitter      @skipperdarrell
Facebaook Skipper Darrell

What is the purpose of this site?
We operate two different blog sites. This one, www.whyknotgreatlakesgrandtour.blogspot.com, emphasizes our cruising exploits. The other, www.theonboardlife.com, emphasizes boating lifestyle content.

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