Sunday, February 19, 2017

Changes A-comin'

Let me explain what's happening.
We've been fortunate that we have so many followers of our exploits through a variety of formats. First, several hundred of you have been faithful followers of our blog during and immediately after our Great Loop adventure: whyknotonthegreatloop. Others of you have followed the videos I've made under our On Board Life banner on Facebook and Youtube. Others of you have been followers on, again, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. That's all good. We appreciate your support.
But things are changing.
Our cruising season starting in the spring of 2017 is going to be our most ambitious yet. As already announced, we're heading to the Great Lakes for a multi-year exploration of this amazing boating destination. It's going to include the Thousand Islands, the Rideau Canal, the Trent Severn system, Georgian Bay and the North Channel, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, and even Lake Superior. It's very exciting.

To help keep my sanity in check, I've made some changes to our media set up. First, the original WhyKnotOnTheGreatLoop blog has been deactivated. It really didn't reflect our boating ambitions. It has been replaced by this blog you are on: Obviously, by the name of it, you can see where I'm going with it. (If you do want to still read about our Great Loop adventure, all of those posts are still here.)
Others of you have enjoyed the On Board Life videos we made this year. Don't worry. There will be lots more of them.
And others have enjoyed all of the On Board Life shenanigans, such as the boating memes and cartoons. Again, more to come.

What I'm trying to say is that Lisa and I are gearing up to have one of the greatest adventures of our lives, and we want to share it with everyone! So, whether you want to read about it, watch videos about it, or just soak it in in dribs and drabs, we have you covered.